The beginning…

It could be a beginning of something. Or It could end up being something. Also, it might end something or begin the end of something.. In one of our modules this semester at #school, we are #learning something very important. Something every development #professional should be aware of. Aware of “themselves” and their “actions”. You […]

Book 2020.3 : Winners take it all

Published in : 2018  Author : Anand Girdhardas About the Book :  If you are interested in understanding how power plays in the world, and how inequalities lies in every thread of the fabric of human society, Go grab this book. A book which will leave a long lasting impression on you and you will […]

Book 2020. 2 : The lessons of History

Published in : 1968 Author : Will Durant About the book :  Very very intriguing and interesting book. Challenges you, Educates you and makes you question yourself. The sort of book, I love to read. The book is divided into 13 chapters, the rough summary of which goes like this : Will talks about the […]

January, I liked you.

I thought I will drop a short note here. A personal one. We entered a new decade and one month has already passed. I cannot deny but would have to say that I was not very excited about a NEW YEAR. Not excited with life in general. I was living my life of self doubts, […]

I chose to love you

As a Human, There are certain things that only I can do, and As a human, There are only certain things that I can do. As a human, there are only few things that I can do to you, And amongst all the choices that I had, I chose to love you. If you ask […]

The Ray

She never feared anything more than the sea, It holds so much so, that it questions her of her ability. It’s a champion, It will succumb her, If ever she announces a war with it, She knew, It would be the winner. It was dark, And someone set the sky to fire, Clouds had taken […]