Things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is  wonderful and such a free spirited capital that never sleeps. I dont know if thats normal, but at 0:00 hour they were doing a marathon. (Literal marathon)

Though I dint stay  in Bangkok for long, But I tried to find the options which could make my short stay exhilarating. And so I write :

How to make your stay comfortable in Bangkok ?

I was staying at an apartment which I booked via AirBnb and it was a fantastic pick. The city and the people are genuinely beautiful, welcoming and helpful.

Bangkok gives you so many eating options that you should rather try everything which you see and i bet even then there would be a big list that you would miss. For 7 days, i ate different things in my every meal and still i feel i missed on a lot of those delicacies. But every one of them was worth a try. So, EAT A LOT, If you are in Bangkok.


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You can find a lot of non vegetarian options from insects, scorpios, octopuses to duck, deer, pork, and the list is really long. Also the vegetables and salads are highly recommended.

Money EXCHANGE : No Worry, No Processing Fee. 

I could see many money exchange booth every 5-6 kms in the Bangkok markets which does not charge you any processing money for the conversion, so its better you take your cash and convert them at one of such green money exchange booths.

Souvenir Pick :

When you visit a country, you generally are supposed to bring a lot of gifts for friends and family but at times it gets difficult for you to decide what to pick and what not to. Though i failed majorly at this point, but now when I think these could be nice souvenirs for your loved ones :

– Bangkok loves to look beautiful. You will find many local beauty products which you can gift to your beautiful ladies.
– Bangkok offers you a big list of gigantic shopping malls from where you can buy clothes, electronics, jewellery, aromatic soaps, tiger balms etc. Few of the malls are : JJ shopping mall, MBK shopping mall ( 4 floor of this mall is packed with electronics products )
– Clothes are cheap in this country, so you can buy bundles of clothes from the local street shops or from brand outlets.
– Also, its not very difficult to find a souvenir shop there. Plethora of day and night markets are there with zillion of options.

What never to miss if you are in Bangkok ?

If you are in Bangkok, you should not miss the live music bands, which play at numerous places. Personally I loved the Khao San Road, where you find plethora of amazing singers singing so beautifully that you will be teleported into a yet another world.

Also many pubs and clubs are there which will shake your booty.

The sex shows and Cabaret shows are another highlight which you should not miss.
Bangkok culture is very much acclimated with the Ladyboys, whom I found more beautiful than ladies( by birth).

So, if you are in Bangkok, and you think that you are looking at one of the most beautiful ladies in the world, possibilities are there, she might not have been born a lady.
The sex shows as well are a no miss. But be a little safe while attending these shows.

Also Bangkok has numerous gay bars. Does not matter if you are one or not, But it is a good watch how you can see people having fun around.

Do not miss Thai Massage. If you are in Bangkok, and you dint enter into one of those massage parlours, I am telling you, I will reprimand you, WHY  ? Because thats just so relaxing and awesome ! Meet my masseuse .

If you love architecture, there are so many temples around, and they are located near the river, so you take a boat to these destinations and witness the mesmerising scenery.

Do not bother about travelling around, in Bangkok.

You can use applications like Grab and Uber. I personally loved Grab. You can book bike, taxi or car. The beauty of the app is that it seems it was made for tourists. Most of the thai people speak only thai, and in such a case, you cannot expect the taxi drivers to speak in English, this app translates the thai messages by the driver, in english, so easy.

That was all which I thought, could be a starter for you, if you are visiting the city any sooner. I will share my crazy and enthralling experience soon.

Bye-Bye !



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